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Officiële Distributeur in Nederland

Leverancier voor stalen en aluminium frame tenten,
zware kwaliteit commerciële Easy UP Vouwtenten en PE & PVC Partytenten

3m x 6m Partytent (PE)

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Product code: 00702
Klasse: Brons
Type frame: Zelf montage
Breedte: 3m
Lengte: 6m
Afmetingen: 3m x 6m (3 x 6)
Materiaal dak: PE
Kleur: Wit
Totaal gewicht: 74.80kg


Inclusief 21% BTW


Exclusief 21% BTW

2 Werkdag(en) levertijd.

Verzending in heel Nederland voor slechts €14.99, naar België tijdelijk €29.99.


Een instapmodel feesttent voor lichter commercieel en thuisgebruik, met een een goede balans van duurzaamheid, kracht en functionaliteit.

De tent kan op de meeste oppervlakken, zoals gras, beton en asfalt worden geplaatst.

Het frame is gemaakt van witte power- gecoate stalen buizen.

PE-materiaal is een Polyethyleen rip-stop geweven materiaal, dat is UV-gestabiliseerd en brandvertragend.

Ideaal voor:






De Gala Tent festtenten serie is gemaakt om lang mee te gaan.

We hebben hieronder de belangrijkste kenmerken van de Gala Tent vermeld, wij geloven dat deze kenmerken van onze Gala Tent feesttenten de meest duurzame tenten ter wereld maken.

240g PE commerciële kwaliteit covers

Britse brandwerende standaard BS 5438 en BS 7837

Heavy duty oogjes

Industriële ritssluiting aan alle zijpanelen

Buis wanddikte tot 1.2mm

Gepoedercoat kader

Georgische stijl venster panelen

Borgschroef op elke verbinding voor de stabiliteit en sterkte

Heavy-duty klittenband en bungee koord bandjes

Volledige instructies en verzorgings handleiding

Venster covers inbegrepen voor privacy

3 verschillende maten deuren in het eind paneel, voor multi gebruik


Frame Maten

  • 3m x 6m
  • Een sterk 38mm hol stalen frame and 44mm hoek stukken

Hoogte Maten

  • Doorloop Hoogte: 205cm
  • Nok Hoogte: 280cm

Deur Maten

Breedte 2.3m x Hoogte 2m

Aantal Personen

  • Standaard: 32
  • Ingericht met tafels: 16

Afmetingen van de verpakking

  • 1 x Doos 199x16.5x13cm - Gewicht 15.2kg
  • 2 x Doos 199.5x16.5x8cm – Gewicht 9.8kg
  • 1 x Doos 59x46x15cm – Gewicht 13.95kg
  • 1 x Doos 59x46x18cm - Gewicht 7.5kg
  • 1 x Doos 60x48x8cm - Gewicht 5kg
  • 3 x Doos 59x46x8cm - Gewicht 3.4kg

Totaal gewicht: 74.80kg


Buying Guide

Why choose a Gala Tent Marquee

After over a decade of manufacturing marquees and meeting customer demands with specific product functionality, it is reasonable to say that a Gala Tent is among the best quality, value-for-money marquee available.We specialise in marquees and associated accessories, where as some suppliers only treat this as a supplimental product range. We are able to advise our customers based on a wealth of experience to find the right products.
We not only design and build our marquees, we also assemble components and modules to make a full structure at our headquarters in Britain.
The zips, material, framework and joints are engineered to a very high standard, while the steel framework is up to 1.2mm thickness. Compared to competitors who use 0.8mm steel to cut costs, our frameworks have superior stability, especially for our range of 6m marquees.

Gala Tents are also fireproof rated to British Standard requirements, BS 5438 + BS 7837 awarded after rigorous tests by Intertek. Without the fire certificate, an inferior marquee would be unable to be used at public events.

Gala Tent also supply a wide range of spare parts and accessories. You also have the option of purchasing specially manufactured optional equipment e.g. ground bars, ratchet tie down kits to add extra stability and strength as well as benefiting from the add on bay option to make your structure larger. Specially designed heating, lighting, lining and flooring is also available from the Gala Tent range.

Remember, It is not an Event without Gala Tent!


Average Review Rating: 4.92 Uit 5
13 Reviews
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 14-10-2015
Naam Klant: [Anoniem]
United Kingdom
"Erected in May for a party and struck in October after house renovations. For four months the 6x3 gala tent was our family dining room and living area. The summer was often 40+ degrees C and windy storms but the tent held strong. I miss it now. The garden seems bland, naked, empty. Apart from a weakness in one zip seam which needs repairing and one leak above a window panel, the tent is fabulous. Excellent quality that lasts. Merci "
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 11-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Kevin williams
United Kingdom
"i purchased this item for the quality which is great i have used this in all weathers and it has never let me down, so good i am thinking of a purchasing another one."
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 07-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr David Williams
United Kingdom
"Arrived promptly & well packed. totally pleased with the design, quality of materials, ease of assembly & taking down.Perfect for purpose as garden/ event marquee. Would strongly recommend as excellent value for money."
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 05-08-2015
Naam Klant: [Anoniem]
United Kingdom
"I probably bought my tent for a unusual task, not for the wedding of the year or disco tent no, for adding more space so I could finish building my full size aircraft, used it for a spray booth, but it has so many uses temporary storage, car maintenance, they are such good quality, I bought another one! Can't fault them excellent quality frame and fabric just brilliant, plus a smashing company to deal with! "
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 05-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Bill Peters
United Kingdom
"The marquee was great. We erected it in the pub garden and it stayed up until the end of September. We had a lot of use from it. Unfortunately we sold the pub last year and the new owner scrapped it for some unknown reason. We are gutted because we would have taken it with us had we known as it it the best value and quality marquee that we bought over the years. We will buy another one we have the space."
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 05-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Matthew Sutton
United Kingdom
"An outstanding product. I have had my 6x3m tent for 2 years now and it has proved outstanding value for money. Simple to erect, strong and we'll designed components from the fixings to the materials. No more cheap gazebo's or worries about keeping the weather or rain out"
4 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 04-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Steve Hopper
United Kingdom
"The product and service are first class, the only issue I have had to date is that the stitching has given in places and should be of a stronger thread, that said the set up is great and is often subject of discussion with people who see me setting it up at events. "
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 04-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Steve Moir
United Kingdom
"very helpful and quick delivery.great quality which should last for many years, I would recommend buying from Gala tent.....1st class."
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 04-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Dean Kenny
United Kingdom
"Great product very tough wearing great delivery and after service "
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 03-08-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Darren Williams
United Kingdom
"Looked at some of your marquees at an event, its just what we are looking for for our market stall."
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 16-07-2015
Naam Klant: Mr Norman Day
United Kingdom
"Had 2 Gala Tents before and been well pleased with them. Also have friends with Gala Tents who also are big fans of your products."
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 04-06-2015
Naam Klant: Mr John Evans
United Kingdom
"Great company my tent is a spray booth for an aeroplane"
5 Uit 5
Datum/Tijd van de review: 09-08-2013
Naam Klant: Mr Jolyon Menhinick
United Kingdom
"I bought a 3m x 6m Marquee tent in January and the delivery driver must have been jet-propelled. Everything was in order upon receipt and the tent was erected immediately to at as a garage for a car re-build. After gales, Ice, frost, hail and more gales finally followed by more ice, I have had to replace the window panels with blank panels. The frame, roof and end panels have withstood everything the weather could throw at it and is still doing sterling service.
Good Quality? Absolutely!
Value for money? Unbeatable!
Customer Service? Superb!

I would recommend your company to anybody. "